Mind Works™ Program

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Mind Works™ targets individuals who may have been diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment or early stage dementia. Problems with memory (especially for recent events), concentration, word-finding, planning, handling finances and performing complex tasks may have been noted. Other individuals in their environments have noticed changes. These participants generally live at home or in assisted living.

Mind Works

Level: Mild to Moderate Cognitive Decline

Number of Sessions: 24

Program Package Includes:

DVD containing all program sessions, trainer Sourcebook with training DVD, manipulatives* for up to 12 participants and technical assistance.

*Manipulatives are objects used by participants to support hands-on learning and to increase or to reinforce understanding (examples: geoboards, cubes, object cards).


The Mind Works™ program is in the process of being revised to allow greater program flexibility and to better address the needs of participants. NECC is hopeful that this new edition of the Mind Works™ will be the first in a new generation of cognitive fitness programs.