The success of NECC programs is enhanced by effective delivery of the cognitive trainers. Therefore, training is of critical importance – not just to NECC, but to each site that runs our programs and each participant. Trainers make the most of teachable moments by offering strategies that foster generalization or the transfer of skills into daily living. Other important functions of the trainer are to assess participant reactions, modify activities to challenge the group, and help participants see improvements – both small and large. The approach is always adult – trainers explain why particular activities are done and their ‘real life’ benefits.

The best trainers are those individuals who have good people skills and experience in facilitating groups. He or she should be observant, a good listener and able to meld firmness (in keeping sessions and participants on track) with compassion. A successful group leader is both a guide and a cheer leader.

NECC helps trainers realize their full potential by offering three different types of training:

New NECC Mind Aerobics™  DVD  The new training DVD comes standard as a part of all second editions of NECC cognitive programs. When used with the written Trainer’s Guide, an important part of each program Sourcebook, prospective trainers have a comprehensive guide for successful program delivery. It is important to note that NECC welcomes any trainer questions, either by phone or e-mail, and promises to respond promptly.

On-Site Training*  NECC provides on-site training for up to 10 trainers. On-site training is made by special arrangement and is designed to meet the specific needs of each site.

Apprenticeship Program*  This type of training is highly intensive and provides a site with an NECC staff trainer. The NECC staff trainer is responsible for running initial sessions of a particular cognitive program, modeling training techniques and meeting with trainees to explain both theory and procedure. As the trainees begin to facilitate sessions, the NECC trainer provides assistance and feedback. The length and duration of the Apprenticeship Program varies and is based on the needs or preferences of a particular site.

* Please note that On-site Training and the Apprenticeship Program are each available for an additional fee. The Apprenticeship Program may have geographical restrictions. Please contact NECC for information specific to these types of training.