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During COVID-19 lockdowns and the subsequent hesitancy of individuals to meet together in groups, NECC responded to requests to develop a means of virtual delivery for some of its cognitive programs. After much testing, it was determined that the Mind Sharpener™ and Mind Works™ programs could be adapted for successful remote delivery. These “virtual” programs have also made it possible to reach individuals that were previously unable to receive cognitive training by physically joining program group sessions due to geographic or physical limitations.

NECC is happy to announce that Mind Sharpener™ and Mind Works™ are currently available for delivery on a virtual platform. Please contact NECC for more information.


NEW: Russian Language Version of the Mind Sharpener™ Program

In partnership with Jewish Family Service of Metropolitan Detroit, NECC has developed a Russian language version of the Mind Sharpener™ program. This program is available for both in-
person and remote delivery. Please contact NECC for information.

7.7.2021: News from Alaska on how our programs are working. Click this link to view.

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