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NECC programs are effective, evidence based cognitive rehabilitation interventions to treat cognitive loss, including Alzheimer's disease and dementia, shown by independent university research to provide stabilization with some cognitive areas showing actual improvement.

• Each NECC cognitive program program consists of a series of 24 one-hour small group sessions, follows a carefully developed curriculum and is delivered by an NECC trained facilitator

• Each session provides a full brain “workout” targeting the six major cognitive areas of the brain, focusing on   attention/concentration, visual spatial acuity, memory, language, processing speed and executive functioning

• Each session is built in a progressive order targeting major cognitive areas – beginning with the more basic brain functions and building toward complex executive skills

• Activities are sequenced to gradually increase the level of challenge without creating excessive frustration

• Sessions incorporate repetition and reinforcement to enhance learning

• Comfortable cooperative learning environment promotes interactive socialization

• Activities are designed and delivered with approaches that appeal to the adult learner

• Program strategies foster generalization (i.e., the transfer of newly learned skills or information into activities of daily living)

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