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NECC Services

Who can benefit from NECC services and programs?

  • Individuals with no cognitive loss who want to maintain or improve their cognition, including memory

  • Individuals experiencing cognitive loss attributed to:


In addition to developing INNOVATIVE PROGRAMS designed to improve cognitive functioning, NECC offers a variety of OTHER SERVICES:

Mild cognitive impairment                                  Stroke

Alzheimer's disease                                            Parkinson's disease

Dementia                                                              Muscular sclerosis       Traumatic brain injury                                        “Chemo” brain



Available for Virtual Delivery


  • NECC delivers its award-winning programs to small groups in its New London, Connecticut offices and at sites in the surrounding communities. 

  • NECC offers one-on-one cognitive rehabilitation therapy to individuals experiencing cognitive loss. Sessions are tailored to the specific needs of these clients. 

  • Expert NECC staff deliver presentations to groups and community organizations on a number of topics related to cognition, including brain health, aging and memory, and retaining and improving cognitive functions.

Overall, NECC is proud to offer individuals opportunities to:

  • Take an active role in maintaining or improving their cognitive health

  • Experience progress instead of only decline

  • Have confidence restored

  • Possibly remain at home longer

  • Improve quality of life

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