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Foundation for Success

NECC staff and research partners believe that the promising results of NECC's Cognitive Programs are based on several factors:

  • The programs are evidence based with the goal of developing innovative interventions based on a model of purposeful cognitive stimulation

  • A multi-disciplinary approach is utilized in developing and modifying the programs by experienced educators in collaboration with specialists in the fields of neuropsychology, psychology and gerontology

  • The programs incorporate key educational principles: practice, graduated challenge, reinforcement, repetition and cooperative learning

  • Visual, auditory and kinesthetic sensory modalities are utilized throughout the programs

  • Trained facilitators deliver the programs and create personalized learning environments that are comfortable, supportive and fun

  • The cooperative learning environments capture the affective component in learning, leading to increased ownership of skills learned

  • The NECC approach to program design results in powerful, yet enjoyable programs that benefit participants in multiple ways

  • Comprehensive curricula are designed to systematically stimulate six major cognitive areas and are based on both social and individual learning models

  • Each program activity plays an integral role in the overall program

  • The social aspects of the programs enhance impact, improve motivation to participate, and provide participants the opportunity to offer one another mutual support, aid and encouragement, all of which tend to continue even after the programs end

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